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Online Games

If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time, then consider playing online games. These are a great way to pass the time while learning new things and improving your skills at the same time.

Games are also a great way to relieve stress, and they can help with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. They can also encourage a sense of achievement and build confidence.


Funbrain is a popular learning website for kids in Pre-K to grade 8. It offers more than 100 free games that develop skills in math, reading and literacy.

The site also includes a variety of popular books and comics for children to read. Each book is tagged by grade level and subject area, so you can find a good fit for your child.

Most of the games on Funbrain work on focus and executive thinking skills. They require players to get started quickly, ignore distractions and complete their goals in a timely manner.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network, a channel from Turner Broadcasting, has been airing some of the most popular animated shows in the world. Their newest shows include Ben 10, Adventure Time, Apple and Onion, The Powerpuff Girls and more.

The network has been around since 1992 and continues to produce new animated shows. Several of their shows are available as Free Online Games on their website!

During the late 1990s, Cartoon Network experimented with live-action programming. One of its first attempts was Space Ghost Coast to Coast, a talk show parody that featured “recycled animation cells” from Hanna-Barbera’s archive, mainly as a comedic device.

The series was seen by many as instrumental in establishing Cartoon Network’s appeal to older audiences. The show’s popularity grew as its cast of guests included older celebrities and counterculture figures.


Disney has a great website with lots of free online games for kids to play. Many of them are educational and teach kids how to read and solve basic math equations.

There are also tons of fun Disney-inspired mobile games that are available to download for free on your smartphone or tablet. The Disney Dreamlight Valley app, for example, lets your kids create their own adventures in a virtual Disneyland.

There are also a few card Unblocked Games that feature Disney characters and help children improve focus and problem-solving skills. Try a Disney Frozen Spot It game, or a Disney Princess Match game with princesses like Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle.

National Geographic

National Geographic has a great collection of free online games for kids. The site features a variety of educational games and quizzes that teach kids about animals, geography and science.

Besides providing learning activities, the website also encourages children to share their own photos and comments. Administrators approve all submitted photos, so it’s a safe environment for children to express themselves.

The site is free to use but there are ads on every page and links to subscription services. The content is geared for school-aged children, but younger kids can enjoy it as well.

English Language Learning

English Language Learning has a huge range of free online LOLBeans games for students and teachers. It offers quizzes, puzzles, and other learning games.

The site is easy to use for both students and teachers, with a great feature that enables students to compete against each other in the game.

Bananagrams is a word-bubble game where players build words using letter tiles. It’s a fun way to practice spelling and vocabulary skills.

The English Club website has a massive suite of ESL games, including word scrambles and hangman. These fun and engaging activities are perfect for students who want to hone their vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills outside of classroom lessons.

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